Cooperation of AS E-Betoonelement and AS TTP will produce the fourth apartment block and a parking house in the Pöörise residential area


E-Betoonelement has entered into a cooperation agreement with the development and construction company TTP to build the fourth high-rise building and a parking house in the Pöörise residential area. In cooperation with TTP, two 14-storey element-houses have already been completed in the area and construction work on the third is currently under way.

Sales director of AS E-Betoonelement Aare Pärna Aare Pärna“We are happy to cooperate with the developer TTP, because it has been productive and satisfactory to both parties. Our cooperation has produced several necessary and beautiful buildings.
We have been able to offer good quality to TTP, as they have ordered the full solution, which including design, manufacture of elements and assembly work of the building, from E-Betoonelement. Information concerning the project moves between departments quickly and without necessary links in-between, and our specialists have resolved all issues that have arisen with the interests of the customer in mind.
E-Betoonelement will assemble the third element house at the beginning of December of this year; the commissioned parking house will be assembled by the end of March and the fourth apartment building will be completed in April of next year.”

  • Objects: Fourth apartment building and parking house in Pöörise residential area
  • Location: Õismäe, Tallinn
  • Architects: Meeli Truu and Andres Kariste, Nord Projekt AS
  • Customer: TTP AS
  • Contract for services by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements and installation
  • Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher
  • Sales engineer: Kairet Luiga

Construction director of AS TTP Herki Narusk on the first two completed buildings: “I consider quality to be the most important, and the advantage of E-Betoonelement was the best price and quality ratio. E-Betoonelement and we are bound by long-term cooperation, and it has been positive and pleasant to both parties.
Mitmekorruseliste hoonete ehitamisel on olulised ehituse aeg ja kiirus - elementmaja saab kokku monteerida väga kiiresti. Elementidel on teostatud välisviimistlus, mistõttu ei ole vaja hiljem tellinguid ja soojustust eraldi paigaldada ning paneelid on seest siledad ega nõua paksu krohvikihti.
A complex service that offers design, manufacture of elements and assembly is the best option for the customer.”

See how the two first buildings in the Pöörise residential area were completed:

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29.05.2015 Elements for two apartment buildings in the Pöörise residential area have been assembled

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