Our values, strategy and work environment



We're doing things right — the way we do things is just as important as what we do. It is equally important for our own employees, as well as for our clients and partners who have high expectations.  

We rely on three pillars to create value for all parties

Safe and Friendly 
We have a safe culture where people can achieve their full potential
We have a sharing culture where we help each other to become stronger as a group
Results oriented
We have an action oriented culture, where we focus on getting things done 
• We put health & safety first
• We communicate in an open and friendly way
• We show attention and listen to others
• We give and accept honest and constructive feedback
• We support each others learning
• We bring confidence to others’ ability to do their best
• We treat others fairly, equal and respectfully
• We are loyal to each other and to our customers
• We bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart
• We apply “we thinking” over “they thinking”
• We interact with an open mind
• We embrace different viewpoints
• We involve each other to ensure good collaboration with colleagues and customers
• We innovate and evolve together
• We mix skills, knowledge and backgrounds
• We celebrate achievements by others, the team and the whole group
• We bring energy, ownership and personal commitment in to what we do
• We are driven by deeds, not words
• We put effort in creating sustainable solutions, both for our customers and our planet
• We exceed individual and common goals
• We are transparent and we run our business in compliance with ethical standards
We identify what needs to get done and in what steps, in order to reach results
• We proactively focus on and respond to our customers needs
• We seek new opportunities to create value for the company
• We take pride in keeping promises
• We strive to contribute to something bigger


In Consolis, as designers of the living environment, we are committed to creating long-term value, thinking of both the owners and our clients, the society, our employees and the planet.

When starting work on projects, we want to offer, in addition to environmentally friendly and high-quality reinforced concrete elements, better quality of life to our community as a whole by using the design, manufacture and installation of all-in concrete element solutions.

Our strategy relies on four pillars


"We win in each market by having the strongest local customer relationships"


"We are local leaders in each market, and we win by using scalable processes as a group"


"We house the best leaders and experts in our industry to drive our success"


"We differentiate by unlocking the construction industry’s environmental challenges"

Safe working environment

Because no one working for or with Consolis should get hurt, we are committed to conducting our business safely.

We believe in visible leadership and personal responsibility for safety at every level of our organization:

• Management is accountable for prevention of accidents.
• Everyone working for Consolis is expected to demonstrate professional and safe

Our aim is to develop a zero accident culture. Safety is everyone’s business and to anchor this culture we need everyone on board. All together, we will foster a safe workplace.

Our objective is to reach a Frequency Rate 1* (tracking of lost time accidents) below 2 by end of 2022.

* * The frequency rate 1 is the number of lost time accidents (work stopped more than one day) during a period of 12 months by one million hours worked
Plant Manager at Harku, Hans Süld:
"We have to move towards an accident-free work culture on a daily basis - getting there is not merely a dream, it is possible. Risk behavior must be addressed systematically - you must react when ever you see it, always. The goal is to reach the next level, where an employee is motivated to behave safely towards himself and others without external pressure (orders).”
Plant manager at Tamsalu Marek Prees:
"Without exception, all accidents can be prevented if you behave correctly - this is as simple as that. To behave correctly you have to be aware of the right work methods and, of course, the right tools and personal protective equipment. In this regard, we need to educate our employees every day. It is the responsibility of managers to provide this knowledge to the people, and often we have to take on a role of "an educator". I want to adjure you – when you see something is being done wrong, do not just pass by. Do not hesitate to be more caring and attentive."
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