All in-service precast solutions!

Under the all-in service precast concrete solution, we design, manufacture, transport and install apartment buildings, industrial and warehouse buildings, parking houses, bridges, tunnels, tanks, silos, and private houses.

An all-in solution from a single partner

We plan
Planning and project management
We design
BIM and 3D model
We manufacture
High quality manufacture
We transport
Controlled deliveries
We assemble
Fast and accurate


When preparing an offer, we design a model, if necessary, which is based on an architectural design provided, preferably, by the architect in the ifc format. However, we can also use AutoCAD dwg files. Read more here.
The way around is also possible, we can give our structural model to the architect to use as a basis for their work. This approach has been used many times, for example, for our Baashall™ product.

In the quotation, we indicate the price for the structural part of the building together with the price of the installation and design service. The offered model includes the design of the load bearing part and the elements distribution (panel shapes and layouts) of the building. The model enables to estimate the volumes and weights of the elements.
Aat a bidding model, it can be seen the building´s carrier part structure and distribution of elements (panel statues and spreads). On the basis of a model, a summary can be made about the volumes and element weighs.

Project management

Once a client purchases a solution, we appoint an in-house project manager to coordinate the work. This means that the client only needs to communicate with a single representative of E-Betoonelement regarding all the works and services.


In the design we are focused on the all-in precast reinforced concrete solutions. As experts in the field, we can prepare the most optimal structural solution for the building at an early planning and design stage. 

Preparation of well-thought-out and correctly executed product drawings for elements based on the created solution for the use of factory workers is equally important. We use the 3D model (Tekla) and its advantages for designing.

Read more about designing here.


Most of our precast concrete elements are manufactured at our factories in Tamsalu and Harku. For large-scale projects, we cooperate with our sister companies within the Baltics .

If we design the precast concrete part of a building in-house it means we can transfer all the information necessary for the manufacture to the drawings in a timely manner and ensure that the elements are feasible and surface finishes, the location of steel parts in the element, as well as other details are well-thought-out based on the element specifications. We use materials that ensure functioning and compliant connections. We make sure that the elements are manufactured and delivered in accordance with the installation schedule.

Our products are manufactured in line with the applicable standards and regulations in Estonia. See the certificates issued to our factories..


If you order an all in-service solution, our installation team will organize the delivery of elements to the site. So, the clients do not need to tire themselves with scheduled ordering or the organization of unloading the elements at the site.


By using our in-house installation team, we can be sure that the best assembly techniques are applied to achieve the desired result. In addition to correctly installed elements and safety at work site, skilful assembly also means that the deviations within the tolerances of the elements and the assembly are eliminated. The accumulation of permissible tolerances is avoided and the visual outlook of the final solution is always kept in mind.

Why concrete element construction

A wide choice of finishing options! See more here!
BIM provides efficiency: solutions for the design, planning, production and delivery Read here!
Production takes place in ideal conditions. Certificates you can find here!
Element transport mostly does not need special transportation!
Assembly work can be done in cold weather!
Better and easier setup on construction site and economical material handling!
Structural load-bearing capacity is secured immediately after installation!
Prefabricated concrete gives to the architect and the constructor a wide variety of supporting structures to choose from.
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