Well-built for well-being
E-Betoonelement OÜ is a leading provider of concrete element construction solutions in Estonia while being part of the international Consolis Group

E-Betoonelement is committed to creating the most beautiful, innovative and sustainable living environment in Estonia.

We build everything from homes and offices to industrial buildings, parking garages, infrastructure and farming facilities. Our all-in precast concrete solution service includes design, production, transportation and installation.

Our extensive experience in the industry often makes us the first choice for more complex projects, while we are guided by simplicity, rationality and security.


Under the all-in service precast concrete solution, we design, manufacture, transport and install apartment buildings, industrial and warehouse buildings, parking houses, bridges, tunnels, tanks, silos, and private houses.
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Our portfolio includes products for general construction ranging from hollow slabs, poles, beams to wall elements, stairs and roof ceilings. In addition, we provide products for infrastructure and agricultural construction.
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Concrete surfaces

In concrete solutions, the surface finish of concrete walls enables to give the building a unique look. Our concrete finishes range from polished, machine-treated surfaces to brick and graphic surfaces.
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A good building combines efficiency, aesthetics and a functional living and working environment. The concepts of precast concrete buildings have been developed by keeping this combination in mind.

Achieving the best result requires close cooperation between the builder, construction project managers, designers, manufacturers and installers.

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