The concept of environmentally friendly products and solutions in Consolis enterprises

At Consolis, we have set a goal of creating a sustainable environment, which in our field means, above all, to provide CO2-neutral products and solutions in the market. It is a challenging journey, but every step towards our goal is crucial for the future. The contribution and attitude of all of us count – as our products and solutions often serve as the backbone of buildings, we, ourselves, must also have the backbone to take this responsibility and really care for the environment and move towards a sustainable future.

Watch and listen to the video by Mikael Stöhr, CEO of Consolis, and read more about the topic 
Consolis sustainability

E-Betoonelement environmental declarations

E-Betoonelement is committed to contributing to an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Consolis Baltics business unit, which also includes E-Betoonelement, was granted environmental product declarations (EPDs). Documents issued by a third party provide an overview of the environmental impacts of reinforced concrete elements manufactured by E-Betoonelement.
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