Hollow core slabs

We offer different types of hollow core slabs

HCE200    HCE220    HCE265
HCE320    HCE400    HCE500


Concrete products

HCE Hollow core slabs 

 HCE200 HCE220 HCE265
 HCE320 HCE400 HCE500

Markers and types of hollow core slabs: HCE400-KS-7-123
HCE400 – marker indicating the shape of cross-section
400 – Height mm
K – cantilever slab
S – slab with STYROX insulation
7 – number of cables (determined by the manufacturer, space to be reserved in the marker)

Download the extruder - hollow-core slabs receiving and installation guide:Download

* consult the Design Department in regard to the fire resistance

HCE 200 Hollow core slab

HCE 220 Hollow core slab

HCE 265 Hollow core slab

HCE 320 Hollow core slab

HCE 400 Hollow core slab

HCE 500 Hollow core slab

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