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Technical data
STT slab dimensions:
width 2395 mm
height on top of the ridge 745 mm
ridge pitch 1:40
rib width on the underside 150 mm
length can vary
according to the load diagram
up to 24 metres

Tolerances (mm):
length ±15 or L/1000
height and thickness of the slab ±10
width of the rib and width of the slab ±10
edge curvature ±10 or L/1000
edge deviation from right angle ±10
edge surface deviation from vertical plane ±15
difference from calculated pre-elevation L/1000
location of openings ±30
fire resistance class: R 30

Primary data of design work and consultation: drawing indicating the shape, characteristic loads, coefficients, support connections.

Load diagram: (the graph is intended only for the initial selection of cross-section)

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