Elements for two apartment buildings in the Pöörise residential area have been assembled


Elements for two 14-storey apartment buildings in the Pöörise residential area have been assembled. Contracting by E-Betoonelement comprised the design, manufacture and installation of the element solution of load bearing structures of the apartment buildings.

Object: first two buildings in the Pöörise residential area
Address: residential area in Mustamäe, in the area bordered by Kadaka St. and Akadeemia St.
Architects: Nord Projekt AS, Meeli Truu and Andres Kariste
Customer: TTP AS
Contract for services by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements and installation
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

Pöörise apartment buildings are an excellent example of implementing E-Betoonelement’s concept of element solution for which the customer entrusted the full completion of the solution for reinforced concrete building envelope to the experienced team of E-Betoonelement.

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Toomas Böttcher“Our customer for Pöörise apartment buildings is the real estate development and construction company TTP AS with whom we have cooperated for more than 10 years. Good communication and mutual trust have ensured the best results upon the completion of the buildings. In the Pöörise project, good mutual cooperation was also exhibited by E-Betoonelement’s personnel from engineers to persons in charge of the organisation of logistics and installation. The project was successful in every way. E-Betoonelement is ready and willing to contribute to the completion of the next eight buildings.”

Manager of the Assembly Department at E-Betoonelement Marko Haabjärv“These are the highest buildings that we have assembled to date. The height of the buildings is nearly 42.5 metres. Logistically, deliveries were accurate but strong winds this spring have affected assembly work more than once, and schedules had to be reworked. Ultimately, however, everything was completed on time.”

Assembly team of E-Betoonelement

A video introducing the element solution of Pöörise apartment buildings is in production and we will keep you posted of it on our website.

Apartment building based on contemporary element solution is characterised by sound and noise-resistance, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, security and good appearance. Read more here.

Loe ka: 08.04.2014 Elements for the apartment buildings in the Pöörise residential block are designed, manufactured and installed by AS E-Betoonelement

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