The facades of Mustamäe Hobby School provide inspiration for both passers-by and the school community


The beautiful and impressive Mustamäe Hobby School building amidst greenery has facades that catch everybody's eye and provide inspiration for those attending the school as well as those passing by.

E-Betoonelement's Sales Manager Erik Albert: "We are very grateful to our cooperation partners CES, Acto Konsult, KUU arhitektid, RAMM Ehitus and Mitt&Perlebach, thanks to whom the Mustamäe Hobby School building became a reality. From the beginning of the design to the completion of the building, our cooperation was founded on close communication. There were also several challenges in the construction process, but our communication reflected the commitment and extensive experience that led to the completion of a beautiful and functional building.
The facades of Mustamäe Hobby School are an excellent example of how architecture can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful. The facades feature human figures, with exposed aggregate concrete finish, which refer to multiple activities of the hobby school world. These figures are formed from several separate elements, which, when put together (by two or four elements), form complete images. They tell the story of the building and blend into the human-friendly urban environment of Mustamäe.
As for technical side, we should also point out that the creation of facades was also a complex task in terms of engineering, because the elements were up to 4.5 meters high, which meant additional challenges in manufacture, transportation and installation. Of course, the installation phase was particularly challenging as the parts of the human figures had to fit together perfectly, and our installation manager Marko Haabjärv did a great job with it."

The lively facade and impressive appearance of the Mustamäe Hobby School invite you to discover the possibilities offered by the new building.

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