Installation work on the construction of the Mustamäe Hobby School has started


Mustamäe Hobby School, where E-Betoonelement is currently carrying out element installation work, is being constructed in cooperation with RAMM Ehitus and Mitt & Perlebach. The contract of E-Betoonelement includes the design and manufacture of precast elements and the erection of the building on the site.

Project: Mustamäe Hobby School
Location: Vilde tee 54, Tallinn
Customer of E-Betoonelement: RAMM Ehituse OÜ
Architect: KUU arhitektid
Contract: design (in cooperation with sister company CES), manufacture, transport and installation of elements
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, single- and three-layer wall elements, posts, beams, flight marches and landings
Sales Engineer at E-Betoonelement: Martin-Sven Käärid
Project Manager at E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher
Quality Manager-Technologist at E-Betoonelement: Sergei Graf
Delivery: July-October 2022

Sales Engineer at E-Betoonelement, Martin-Sven Käärid: "The architects (Kuu arhitektid) of the Mustamäe Hobby School have designed the element solution of the building beautifully and well-connected to the theme. The exterior walls of the building will feature the figures of human bodies representing different activities in the hobby school. The facade around the figures will be made of white concrete with a washed concrete surface or a smooth mould surface."

Quality Manager-Technologist at E-Betoonelement, Sergei Graf: "When building with precast elements you are empowered to implement even the most ambitious ideas - for this school building, we manufacture the elements in the factory in such a way that the human figures on the walls will form a complete picture across two or even more than four elements. In addition to these images, the height of the elements poses a challenge, reaching up to 4.5 meters, which makes their transportation in urban conditions quite difficult, requiring good planning."

The hobby school provides children with an opportunity to develop their skills in art, crafts, dance, music and drama. You can also learn languages, participate in mind games and computer training. There are separate groups for preschoolers. The school's students actively participate in national and international competitions. A total of 800 students have enrolled in 89 hoppy groups at the school.

E-Betoonelement will complete the installation work on the construction of the Mustamäe Hobby School by the end of October, and the school is planned to be finally completed in 2023.

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