Pöörise housing district completed - 10 buildings and a parking garage in 10 years


E-Betoonelement and TTP have completed the construction of Pöörise housing district in Mustamäe, which includes 10 prefab houses and a parking garage - all built over the last 10 years. In total, Pöörise housing district accommodates seven 14-story apartment buildings, three 12-story apartment buildings and one 8-story parking garage. There are a total of 804 new homes.

E-Betoonelement Board Member Vaido Leosk: "Our cooperation with the developer TTP goes back a long way and its outcome is at a very good level in many ways. We started with the Pöörise houses in 2013 when TTP, the developer of the area, and the architects of Nord Projekt presented their vision of the housing district. For us as a prefab manufacturer, this was a great opportunity to apply the benefits of prefab construction throughout. As a provider of a complete solution, we had – by presenting a prefab building solution and designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing the elements - the opportunity to make the solution more efficient and high-quality based on the element constructure in all stages of the process.

For the design, manufacture and installation of the elements of the Pöörise residential buildings, we used the BIM model, where spatial planning in the model helps prevent errors. For example, you can easily see the location of the nodes in relation to each other. Also, in addition to the element solution, the designs of ventilation, electricity, water, heating and other special parts are entered into the building model, which will later be of great importance in the use of the building.

The cooperation between E-Betoonelement and TTP is worth highlighting in terms of many aspects - more particularly, our scale and comprehensive approach to housing construction has made our cooperation productive for decades. In the mid-2000s, we cooperated in the project where more than 20 apartment buildings based on the concept of square and round houses were built in the Padriku residential area in Pirita. Our cooperation received special recognition when 18- and 19-story Järve Towers won the Concrete Building of the Year title this year, and now when we successfully completed our years-long project of Pöörise housing district. We know each other's capabilities, and our cooperation leads to most suitable solution for an efficient construction process, while we also consider the needs of the residents who will later use the buildings."

As for Pöörise housing district, it should also be highlighted that there are playgrounds and a sculptural composition in the central area between the residential buildings, which was built by TTP built for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and for which TTP won a special award for idea and execution at the Concrete Building of the Year competition.

Modern integrated residential areas also include car parking solutions, and thus we built an 8-story parking garage in the area, which stands out as a practical and convenient solution, because it is always full of parked cars.

Residents of the Pöörise housing district emphasize its good price-quality ratio and see it as a long-term investment. Location, proximity to health trails, sports centres, schools and kindergartens, as well as the lake and the sea are important factors that make Pöörise housing district attractive. They also mention good layout and soundproofing as the advantages of Pöörise housing district compared to the city centre. The district is close to the university which also provides an opportunity to rent apartments to students later on when thinking about the future earnings.

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