Kodu vald, Saue municipality edition

E-Betoonelement, operating in the village of Vatsla, in the municipality of Saue in the Harku municipality, promptly argued that the concrete was cold, gray and bored.

In fact, concrete is an extremely interesting and varied range of materials.

E-Betoonelement belongs to the international group Consolis Group and operates three factories in Estonia. In addition to the factory operating in Vatsla village, production facilities are still in Tamsalu and Rakvere.

Municipality governer at excursion:

On March 11, a municipality governor (left) was pressed helmet on the head and safety vest on, on the left (and left) and brought directly to the object. A review was taken of the production slurry and the process of molding the liquid gray mass of cement, gravel, sand and water, and then either the compact stairs or the multi-square meter wall blocks are fascinated. Managing director of the wall elements (from the right) Andres Aas, company manager Vaido Leosk, skilled marketing manager Mari-Liis Tenno

The company has participated in the construction of large buildings both in Latvia, Russia and in the home country of Estonia. Moreover, Saue municipality can give examples. Private houses and terraced houses on the camp, apartment buildings in Veskimöldre, as well as all the well-known Laagri Maksimarket and the RAM kindergarten in Veskimöldre.

Company: E-Betoonelement AS
Location: Vatsla village, www.betoonelement.ee
Field of activity: development of concrete concrete solutions, design, fabrication and installation of elements
Turnover in 2009: 177 million kroons

Product portfolio: frame, roof and slab systems, wall and facade systems, stairs, wind turbine masts, parking system systems, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, small forms (benches, sculptures), etc.