The agreements for the completion of the Sitsi residential area have been signed


The co-operation between E-Betoonelement and the construction company Mitt & Perlebach OÜ, has seen the completion of 3 double apartment buildings in the Sitsi residential area, and now the element delivery agreements have been signed to complete the last, or the fourth, double apartment building and the parking house.

Sitsi residential area. Photo:

Object: Sitsi residential area - apartment building and a parking house
Address: Manufaktuuri tn 14-3 and 14-5, Tallinn
Customer: Mitt & Perlebach OÜ
List of products: hollow core panels, posts, beams, wall and stairs elements
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: elements and transport
Project manager: Kaido Kindel

Co-operation with the construction company Mitt & Perlebach, related to the Sitsi residential area commenced in the summer of 2017, when co-operation agreement was signed for the element delivery of the first double apartment building at Manufaktuuri 14-4. Since the plan was to build four double apartment buildings in the area, the co-operation has continued with the delivery for the next two buildings, at Manufaktuuri 14-1 and 14-2, where the delivery has lasted from the beginning of 2018 up to the present day. Now the Sitsi residential area is about to be completed, since a co-operation agreement has been signed for the delivery of elements for the last double apartment building at Manufaktuuri 14-3 and parking house at Manufaktuuri 14-5.

Sitsi residential area differs from the others by its wholesome conception, since the patio of the four apartment buildings will remain free of cars, thus being a recreational and play area for the residents, complete with an apple orchard, all that not far from the centre of the town. A really family-friendly solution is also a favourite with the buyers, reflected in the successful sale of the apartments in this area.

30.07.2017 Beginning of the first couple of element building construction at the Manufaktuuri Street residential area

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