An element building is to be completed at Manufaktuuri Street


E-Betoonelement AS and construction company Mitt & Perlebach OÜ entered into an agreement for the delivery of elements for the apartment building at Manufaktuuri St 14.

Object: first apartment building in Sitsi residential area
Address: Manufaktuuri street 14, Tallinn
Customer: Mitt & Perlebach OÜ
List of products: hollow core panels, posts, beams, wall and stairs elements
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: elements and transport
Project manager: Martin-Sven Käärid

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Martin-Sven Käärid: „Antud piirkonda on valmimas kokku neli paaris korterelamut ja üks parkimismaja. E-Betoonelement toodab elemendid piirkonda valmivale esimesele paaris korterelamule aadressiga Manufaktuuri tänav 14-4.
It is a different kind of apartment building development, where a large apple orchard is planned for the courtyard of the buildings and parking is set up in a parking house, thereby ensuring that the courtyard is free of cars.

Facades of the residential buildings in the area are made up of triple-layer sandwich-type reinforced concrete element walls, which will be painted with a brick red accent paint. Apartment buildings are designed to fit in with the historic red brick Baltic Manufacturing buildings both in terms of their appearance and dimensions.”

The residential area is established in Põhja-Tallinn, which is 3 kilometres from the city centre. It is a private and calm habitat, situated away from the noise of main streets, at the same time being in the immediate vicinity of Sõle Street. The area is close to shops, kindergartners, schools and several leisure locations such as Stroomi beach and beach park, Telliskivi Creative City, the new Balti Station Market as well as the new Sõle Sports Centre.

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