Järve Towers - the major project developed in cooperation between E-Betoonelement and TTP - is attracting more and more attention in the cityscape. E-Betoonelement has signed the contract on providing the design, transport and installation of towers' element solution. Mild winter has had a good impact on the project and the construction work is progressing as scheduled. By now, the element solution of 19- and 18-story towers have respecively fifteen and eleven floors completed, as well as a two-storey business and office block between the towers.

Project: Järve Towers
Address: Järve St 2, Tallinn
Customer: TTP AS
Architect: Martin Aunin
Services: Element solution - design, manufacturing, transport and installation. Product drawings were prepared with the help by sister companies CES, Empius OÜ and DMT insenerid OÜ.
Product nomenclature: Hollow core slabs, poles, beams, stairs, balconies, interior and exterior wall elements
E-Betoonelement project manager: Toomas Böttcher

Project manager Toomas Böttcher: Järve Towers project has been progressing well, mild winter has allowed to carry out construction works throughout the entire period and there has been no downtime due to cold weather. E-Betoonelement is the contractor of Järve Towers complete solution, which ultimately enables us to provide a well-functioning service, since the product moves from design to its final point only through the input of our own employees, which means product quality is controlled and information / changes are communicated promtly. For sure, there are situations that require attention and intervention during the construction, but everything is solved smoothly in the course of work. We have also a very good rapport with our client TTP, our long-standing partner with whom we have completed several important buildings, and we are currently working at Pöörise site. Our cooperation functions well and enables us to find the best solutions.

Järve Towers will be surrounded by high greenery and the interior of the building is inspired by the colours and forms of nature. Similarly to exterior white painted concrete surfaces, light, natural tones and high quality materials are used in interior design.

E-Betoonelement will finish work on the first tower in April and on the second tower in March. Spring and summer are reserved for jointing and painting works. The first tower will be completed in the second half of this year and the second tower in 2021.

You can watch the completion of Järve Towers in real time here:


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