Järve's unique towers are completed with elements


AS E-Betoonelement and TTP AS have signed a cooperation agreement with the Järve Tower Complex, which includes the design, manufacture, supply and installation of high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings are being designed in cooperation with the sister company CES.

Project: Järve Towers
Address: Järve St 2, Tallinn
Customer: TTP AS
Architect: Martin Aunin
Services: element solution: design, manufacturing, transport and installation
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, poles, beams, stairs, balconies, interior and exterior wall elements
E-Betoonelement project manager: Toomas Böttcher

E-Betoonelement project manager Toomas Böttcher: "Järve towers are a very interesting project for the E-Betoonelement because two tall buildings are definitely challenging with their architecture, timetable and solution.

However, this project is once again a good example of long-term cooperation, as we have built several and several buildings with the TTP since the early 2000's. The facade of the buildings is made of a colorful surface, which, based on a light tone, leaves the result beautiful and bright. "

Herki Narusk, Construction Director of TTP AS: "Two ultramodern high-rise buildings that rise to the tidal zone of Tallinn are designed by one of Estonia's top modern engineers, Martin Aunin. The new slender and magnificent landmark is paved with a variety of glass surfaces and uninterrupted balks with a ribbon that dynamically moves to a height and opens up breathtaking views at every point of view. The towers of a high-tinted luminous shade are noticeable far.

The complex of apartment buildings with commercial premises of Järve towers includes two tower houses, a business and office block and an underground car park. The terraced parts of the tower buildings have 19 and 18 floors, the business and office block has 2 floors. There are two underground floors in the whole building complex. The office block can be connected via a walkway through the 2nd floor plan.

 Collaboration with the E-Betoonelement is characterized by long-term experience and understanding of each other, where the focus is always a great end result, which means the interests of all parties. From the TTP's point of view, we like the designer to receive a complete solution for the structural part of the E-Betoone element, which includes design, assembly, transport and installation of elements. "

The lake towers are surrounded by vegetation, which harmonizes with Järve's park forest, where you can walk with your four-legged friend and engage in a health sport. The most up-to-date floor of the towers is a spacious penthouse-type apartment, as evidenced by an orchard in the apartment, with or without a roof window, the balcony overlooking the entire apartment, or both. The larger apartments have a utility room, several toilets and suites-bedrooms. Inside the finish, light, natural tones and high quality materials are used.

From the towers, there is a "highway" in each direction - the Ülemiste Airport, Tallinn Bus Station and the city center, which can be reached every 10 minutes, and the train stop will bring both Nõmme and Balti Jaama markets close to the market.

First of Järve towers will be completed in 2020.

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