Concrete 200 - Estonian concrete structure celebrates its 200th anniversary


This year marks the 200th anniversary of the construction of the first concrete structure in Estonia - the Narva Bridge.

In 1822, the French military engineer colonel Antoine Raucourt de Charleville produced Roman cement by burning the clay-rich limestone around Narva, which was then used to make Estonia's first concrete for pouring the underwater pillars of the Narva Bridge. It also marks the beginning of cement and concrete manufacture in Estonia. 

Reinforced concrete construction has been highly valued and preferred for several hundred years, and that for good reason. Reinforced concrete is the heart of the building, being strong, solid and load-bearing. Today, concrete is skilfully combined with several other materials - glass, wood, composite materials, etc., - giving the creators, owners and users of the building a beautiful, durable and needs-based building solution.

Reinforced concrete has proven itself as a reliable solution in prefabricated element construction, while offering a wide range of finishes, good quality and quick installation. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of concrete structure, a video on the manufacture of concrete elements was prepared in cooperation with the Estonian Concrete Association and architect Martin Aunin, which can be viewed here:

"Concrete provides architects with unlimited possibilities to play with forms and geometry," architect Martin Aunin says. Manufacture of concrete elements - E-Betoonelement OÜ Harku plant, Harju County

The Estonian Concrete Association has also organised and announced a photo contest "Spot the concrete" to celebrate the anniversary and to call people to notice concrete around us - it can be found everywhere, in almost every form. Capture your findings and send them to: By sending us your photos, you can participate in the raffle and win prizes.

Let's celebrate together "Estonian concrete structure 200!"

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