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This year, the Estonian concrete construction is celebrating its 200th anniversary, and on that occasion, the Estonian Concrete Association is organizing a photo contest "Spot the concrete!". Stop and look around, you will definitely spot a concrete structure - capture it and send the photo to, add your data there as well, so you can participate in the prize draw.

When travelling around in Estonia, you can often spot some buildings, whether in the city or in the countryside, underground, on the ground or in the water, which are built from the most common modern domestic building material - concrete.

„Kutsume teid märkama enda ümber betooni tema tohutus mitmekesisuses ja seda jäädvustama,“ sõnas Imre Leetma, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association, said. "Concrete is so common in our everyday life that we often don't even notice it. However, this building material is crucial for the functioning of the modern society."

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the construction of the first Estonian concrete structure, the Narva Bridge for Nikolai I. To celebrate 200 years of Estonian concrete construction, the Estonian Concrete Association opens a concrete-themed photo contest. All kinds of photos capturing concrete and concrete construction are welcome to be submitted to the contest.

"Concrete is used to build houses and roads, bridges and skate parks, harbors and fountains, windmills and sculptures, sewer lines, animal barns and garden benches," Toomas Vainola, CEO of the Estonian Concrete Association, said. "Concrete can have an interesting, expressive and multi-colored surface or it can also be structurally outstanding. Concrete can be smooth like marble, while in contact with nature it can form new unforgettable color combinations....”

Upload your photo with necessary data at:

Every week (~23.10), special prizes will be drawn among all the authors of the photos submitted to the contest. The jury will select the best photo in November 2022, whose author will receive the main prize.

The competing photos are also published on the Facebook page and the Instagram page of the Estonian Concrete Association

See the terms and conditions of the contest and the photos entered here:


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