Towards a sustainable future - E-Betoonelement's products received environmental product declarations


E-Betoonelement took an important step towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Consolis' Baltic business unit, which also includes E-Betoonelement, received environmental product declarations (EPDs). These third-party issued documents provide an overview of the environmental impacts of reinforced concrete elements produced by E-Betoonelement.

Vaido Leosk, Design and Development Manager of the Baltic Unit: "The published EPDs allow us to compare and assess competing products in the market in terms of environmental impacts. From the company's perspective, this embodies a move towards carbon-neutral production, by focusing on measuring and reducing the CO2 footprint.“

Environmental product declarations were issued for the following products:

  • insulated or sandwich wall element;
  • single layer wall element;
  • hollow core panels;
  • reinforced concrete products - post, beam, staircase, balcony, stair platform;
  • prestressed reinforced concrete products - prestressed beams and slabs.

Environmental product declarations were issued to five plants of the Consolis' Baltic business unit - E-Betoonelement's Harku and Tamsalu plants in Estonia, Consolis Latvija's Salaspils and Rumbula plants in Latvia and Betonika's Trakai plant in Lithuania.

The EPDs were published in EPD-Norges and are used internationally. The EPDs are issued based on the product life cycle analysis (LCA) and they comply with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 + A2.

Read more and download the EPDs at the EPD-Norges website here or on the website of E-Betoonelement here.

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