The Tallinn School of Music and Ballet will be completed despite freezing weather conditions


Despite the loads of snow and freezing temperatures this winter in Estonia, E-Betoonelement has already completed half of the deliveries to the site of the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet . There is more on-site work compared to warm weather, and limited movement conditions.

Project: Tallinn School of Music and Ballet
Customer: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Contracting: Supply of precast elements
Project management Toomas Böttcher
Delivery: August 2020 - May 2021

Toomas Böttcher, project manager at E-Betoonelement"The work on the site of the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet is carried out in two shifts, because this year's cold and snowy winter has challenged us. In case of snow fall and freezing temperatures, the elements that have arrived at the site need to be cleaned and this will take some time.

In this project, the elements come, in addition to the Harku plant, from our other Consolis subsidiaries' plants - this allows us to optimize deliveries and ensure that the elements arrive at the site on time.

E-Betoonelement does not compromise on the quality of the products, because most of the interior walls of the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet remain as exposed concrete surface and subsequent colour corrections or other changes of the elements are not possible. We pay a lot of attention to the production of elements in the plants in order to ensure their esthetic and even appearance in the finished building."

The architectural idea of the design is to create a special enchanted place in an urban space, by arranging the buildings at the borders of the plot, so that a unique and unexpected open space is created in the middle.

E-Betoonelement will complete all its deliveries by the beginning of summer.

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