Virumaa Teataja, Anu Viita-Neuhaus

“Awesome!” goes everyone who has been on the spot, and seen the recently opened new generation shopping and entertainment center T1 Mall of Tallinn. The workers of E-Betoonelement’s factory in Tamsalu have a larger share of bragging rights. It was they who built the support structure of this modern four-storied building.

Tamsalu men and women are taken a part of building modern shopping centers before. In Tallinn, there´s no shopping centre, which frame isn´t made in Tamsalu.
Merko, the largest construction company in Estonia, has just ordered concrete frame from its long-term co-operation partner E-Betoonelement, Tamsalu factory. The factory manager, Marek Prees, admitted that the support structure of the building with 100,000 m2 sales area has been their biggest venture so far. “We started in October, 2015, and finished in October, 2017,” concluded Prees.

For two years workers toiled arduously, each and every day. Concrete made of sand, gravel and cement was poured into molds made of plywood and metal – just the shape the customer wanted. “Even the stairwells of the building are poured into molds,” said Prees.
2380 trucks took 53,000 m3 of concrete from Tamsalu to Tallinn, so the building could rise high.

This shopping and entertainment centre is a bit like Tallinn, which will never be completed. Next year there will be a Ferris wheel erected on the roof of the building. With its 120 meters it will be one of a kind in Europe.

Историю делали на заводе Тамсалу и раньше;

The workers had the honour to build the concrete elements of the War of Independence Victory Column, which is 143 meters high and made of glass panels.


Other West-Virumaa companies are also helping to make shopping centers all over Estonia. The "Supra Mööbel", operating in Sõmerul, produced wooden items for 20 benches at the Tartu Eeden Center.

Source: Huge T1 Mall of Tallinn stands with the help of Tamsalu employees