The CABRO team to complete several Aconsilo™ silos in the summer


E-Betoonelement unit of agricultural products CABRO will install several Aconsilo™ silos this summer, which were introduced this spring at the rural fair Maamess, which resumed after a two-year hiatus.

Kaido Kindel, Project Manager of E-Betonelement's CABRO unit: "This summer, my team will build several Aconsilo™ silos, one of which, for example, is the Kärla silo in Saaremaa and the other is the Viru-Jaagup silo in Lääne-Virumaa.

The silos will be made of high-quality, weather-resistant concrete with granite rubble, which ensures their long service life. The soon to be compeleted silos also allow farmers to easily increase the storage by adding sections to the building when the volumes increase. It is also worth noting the well-thought-out solution of the silos - we make the floors of the silo sections with a 0.5% slope, so that the silage juices flow towards the collection chute. Of course, silos also meet all EU environmental requirements.

We make Aconsilo™ silos 3 m wide and 3 m, 3.4 m or 4 m high and with a 140 mm thick floor plate.

Our team builds silos as a complete solution, i.e., the customer will gets all the necessary work from one contractor, from preparing the conceptual design drawings to building the storage. The work includes consultation, technical design of the silo, preparation of the construction site, installation, work on the floor plate, construction of the silage juice collection system and covering the walls of the silo with a protective layer.

Thanks to the extensive experience of the CABRO team and the functioning Aconsilo™ solution, it is a safe investment that will also serve the next generation."

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