Our goal – an accident-free work culture


At Consolis, we are committed to creating an accident-free work culture. We have been carrying this message and taking specific steps to create a safer work environment for many years. In addition to daily observations, dedicated meetings and reporting-metrics, the 17 companies of Consolis Group also annually hold a major event - Safety Week. During this week, various trainings, workshops and practical tasks are carried out. Based on the preferences of the Consolis companies, the various events are spread over a week or compactly gathered on one specific day.

Safety Manager at E-Betoonelement, Mihkel Anderson: "Yesterday, September 26, a safety day was held at E-Betoonelement's Harku and Tamsalu plants as part of the Consolis Safety Week. This day had many tightly planned workshops with various trainers and practitioners, where E-Betoonelement employees received useful instructions for making the everyday working environment safer, as well as general educational knowledge on how to live a healthier and happier life.

The workshops were on topics directly related to technical knowledge, such as working with a crane and lifting elements, safe work practices and spotting potential hazards. Participants also gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in providing first aid to themselves and others. They also practiced firefighting skills, learning about the prevention of fire accidents and the best way to protect oneself and property in the event of a fire that has already broken out.

Among general educational topics, healthy nutrition was discussed; the participants were told about what to pay attention to, how to consciously draw energy from food and make the right choices by listening to the body so that the body functions and supports our healthy life in the long term. One workshop focused on physical therapy, where on the practical side, all participants received simple and good tips on how to move your body a little differently from the daily routine, so as to support the body's ability to recover, stay toned and avoid trauma. The topic of the last practical workshop was mental capacity, how to deal with emotions, anxiety and how to balance your thoughts to be satisfied and happy.

The teams also had a workshop where each of us reviewed our own role in ensuring a safe working environment. As the theme of the safety day of this Safety Week was "Don't walk by", we all have a responsibility to draw attention to dangerous situations in order to achieve an accident-free work culture. From now on, everyone has the opportunity to contribute. As an innovation, a notification system has been introduced in our plants in Harku and Tamsalu, where all employees can easily and quickly give feedback with their mobile phones. The system allows messages and images to be transmitted either about the most successful solutions, which can also be implemented in other factories, or to inform about a dangerous situation that should be addressed quickly so as to prevent accidents.

I would like to thank all the teams who actively participated in the safety day, asked questions, and successfully completed the workshops. Thank you to all the instructors who enriched our safety day with their experience and professionalism, and of course a big thank you to the organizing team, who made sure that the day went smoothly."

"In summary, the safety day broadens the horizons of all of us and is a good reminder that only if we care, contribute and take responsibility, we can make sure that our friends and colleagues are safe," said Mihkel Anderson.

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