Next week, the CABRO team will welcome you at the OKRA agricultural fair in Finland


On 5-8 July, the E-Betoonelement CABRO unit will participate in the OKRA agricultural fair in Finland, Oripää to introduce Acontank™ tank and Aconsilo™ silo element solutions.

Head of the E-Betoonelement's Environmental and Agricultural Products unit Kaido Kindel: "Next week, we are participating in the OKRA agricultural fair, which is one of the largest in Finland. More than 600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors are expected at the fair. At the fair, we will introduce the CABRO product portfolio to those interested, especially the Acontank™ tanks, but we will also give an overview of the possibilities of using Aconsilo™ silos and retaining wall elements.
We have installed over a hundred Acontank™ tanks for Finnish farmers over the years and received remarkably positive feedback. The tanks, which are primarily intended for storing liquid manure, are maintenance-free and durable, thus offering an excellent solution for livestock farmers for years. Please find additional information about the CABRO product range on our website HERE.”

Messil osaleme koos oma pikaaegse koostööpartneri Older Seeds OÜ’ga ja meid leiab õuealalt boksist E 41.

The OKRA fair offers professionals an all-round overview of the agricultural sector. There will be state-of-the-art machines, devices, solutions, products and services at the exhibition, so you need several days to see and examine everything. This year, the exhibition is going to be bigger than ever.

Visit the OKRA 2023 fair in Oripää, Hirvikoskentie 290, 60°52.340 N, 22°44.530 E
The exhibition is open: 5-8 July, every day from 9 am to 5 pm.
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See you at the fair!

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