Inga Jakobson,

Betoonelement is part of the Finnish railway construction project, which links the northern neighbors to the capital of Vantaa. The transaction price leaves the concrete producer confidential, stating that it will remain between one and five million euros.

"The transaction is significant for the E-Betoonelement in several key areas," said Vaido Leosk, Head of the E-Betoonelement.
"Estonian market projects are often very tense and with compressed deadlines and do not allow optimal use of production," said Leosk.

E-Betaonelement did not want to post the exact number of the transaction. "It remains between million and five million," said Vaido Leosk.

According to Leosk, this is a new experience for them. "This is an infrastructure project. The E-Betainelement has not been delivering elements to infrastructure projects to Finland before, "he said.

The total cost of railways in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to be completed in 2015 is 675 million. Arcuate ceilings for this protective tunnel from reinforced concrete are supplied to the Finnish partner by the Estonian company E-Betoonelement.
In September 2012, the cost of an underground airport was estimated at 655 million euros, the railway project linking Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Helsinki became more expensive when the underground of the airport proved to be more acidic than expected.
"The protection tunnel is the construction of a tunnel constructed of a reinforced concrete masonry tunnel in the rock, which is covered with a special membrane,"

What is what
The E-Betoonelement supplies around 800 large arc elements and about 100 smaller ones for the protection tunnel.
The length of the large arc element (silhouette) is a width of 7.64 x 2.47 x 2.53 m and a mass of 11.5 t per element.
The total weight of the elements is slightly over 10,000 tons.
E-Betoonelement and Parma OY are both members of Consolis OY AB.
It is not necessary to construct a railway with a total length of 18 km for the transport of passengers in the immediate vicinity of Helsinki.
The tunnel part of the airport underpass was launched in 2009 and, according to preliminary plans, it was intended to open up the traffic in 2014, but was postponed for a year, and the railways should be opened in July 2015.
To date, the project budget has increased to 675 million euros. Septermber 2012 amounted to 655 million, before that in March 2010, it was 605 million.