Meelis Einstein: February's growth in construction will not last


Kaisa Gabral, Äripaev

Kaisa Gabral, Business Day in the Statistical Office of Estonia, said that building materials producers were among those who had nicely grown in February this year. According to Meelis Einstein, Head of the Building Materials Manufacturers Association, the projects started last year brought growth.

"In many ways, the growth of projects started last year came to an end. Exactly, more work was done, but in January, February and March there are quiet months in construction.

"This growth, as it was in February, we probably did not see in the year," added the entrepreneur and could not reveal a specific company that would have been more successful than others.

Building materials are mainly exported to neighboring countries. "Scandinavia, Latvia, Lithuania are slightly less than Russia," Einestein listed.

Speaking of February's exports, it could also be a bit of a boost to the February boom.

The following months will probably not show such growth, like in the spring. "With the current picture, this is not real. We look forward to staying at this year's level. It's possible that there is a slight increase, but not hoping for such an increase as in February, "he added.

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