Kaspar Ots appointed CES Director


Alates 1. märtsist 2018 nimetati Kaspar Ots Consolis grupi CES üksuste direktoriks. CES (Consolis Engineering Services) on Consolise tütarettevõtteid ja nende kliente teenindav projekteerimisüksus. Consolis CES üksuste direktorina vastutab Kaspar Ots edaspidi kolme CES üksuse eest - CES Polska, CES Rumeenia ja CES Eesti eest. Kaspar Ots on alates 2016. aasta oktoobrist olnud CES Eesti juhataja ja juhatuse liige.

The search for Kaspar’s successor as CES Estonia Manager will be launched in the near future. Kaspar will continue as member of the CES Estonia Management Board, and he will have his base in Tallinn, but with frequent trips to Poland, Romania and other relevant locations.

Before joining Consolis, Kaspar held numerous positions within Design, Project Management and Development in Swencn Oü, Porto Franco Oü (Estonia) and Arricano Real Estate Plc (Ukraine), just to mention a few of his previous companies. Kaspar holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology and speaks Estonian, English and Russian.

His hobbies are tennis, golf, skydiving and volleyball

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