E-Betoonelement celebrates its 30th anniversary today


Today is not like any other day at E-Betoonelement - it is a bit more special and festive. E-Betoonelement is celebrating its birthday today, and not just any birthday, but today, E-Betoonelement becomes 30 years old.

This is quite a long time with many interesting and memorable events and happenings.

During that time, many beautiful and durable concrete buildings have been built in Estonia, as well as in neighboring countries. Of course, we build with concrete. We choose concrete because its excellent properties enable to design buildings that will last for centuries, have high fire resistance and good sound attenuation. Concrete is also a very playful, aesthetic and multi-purpose material. E-Betoonelement has supplied precast concrete elements for the constuction of many schools, shops, residential buildings and infrastructure facilities.

As a 30-year-old company, we have launched and introduced many new solutions on the market, from 500 hollow panels to completely new all-included prefabricated building solutions. Now we are ready to build ever taller buildings - Järve Towers that reach almost 20 storeys, show our preparedness to take our element solutions to the sky.

Over the 30 years, the company has employed, and still employs, a large number of specialists in their specific field, thanks to whom the company has grown and become as successful as it is today. We value our employees very highly and want to provide them with the best environment for self-development, as well as a safe and secure workplace.

30 years of excellent customers and partners - because with them and only in cooperation with them we can produce wonderful results. Our customers and partners have given us a reason to always give our best, always experiment, create new and better solutions and keep striving, and their tough but honest feedback is what has always pushed us to do better.

30 years of joy - in addition to hard work and construction, there have been many jokes, fancy parties and great memories. Unforgettable Wool Moon jazz concerts in the factory have always offered captivating moments for us and for our invited guests. Memorable summer days with games and delicious dishes have brought children and families a lot of fun and a chance to enjoy activities together. Serious and important work also requires being able to relax and enjoy life.

It feels good and makes us proud to look back at the work we have done. And when driving around in Estonia, you find yourself realizing that your company has created these things, it will make you happy inside. When looking to the future, it is safe to think, considering our strong foundation, constant development and innovation that the future looks positive and all preconditions for continued success have been created.

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