Manager of E-Betoonelement Vaido Leosk: “Saturday marked 25 years since the establishment of E-Betoonelement. A meeting of representatives of three companies – EE Ehitus AS, OY Rudus AB and SRV International OY – took place on 11 February 1992. As a result of the discussion, a resolution was signed to establish a new business – EE Betoonelement AS.”

“The idea from back then – to combine the knowledge of element technology from across the border with the vigour of Estonian undertakings and their remarkable desire to create and to develop – has borne fruit. Today, 25 years later, E-Betoonelement is a manufacturer of elements with the largest production volume in Estonia that also offers both the service of designing element solutions and assembling elements to its clients. We are a member of the large Consolis Group, which gives us the opportunity to share and to gain knowledge from our sister companies in thirty countries. The main aim of the founders of the company is relevant today as well,” Vaido Leosk explains.

“25 years is an interesting age. In the Estonian space-time, it is an experienced and mature business, as there are very few older companies that survived the Soviet era. In terms of the world, however, it is a young company that hasn’t had to drastically alter its business model. We are confident in our business model, offering lasting functional element solutions to our clients! It is based on the technology of concrete elements, and we believe that the industrial technology of concrete elements continues to be the best solution on the market.