CABRO unit supplies tanks for the construction of a Finnish biogas plant


E-Betoonelement's agricultural products unit CABRO™ supplies tanks for the biogas plant to be built in Pori, Finland. Acontank™ tanks are long-lasting, maintenance-free and easy and quick to install, which is why these are often chosen for storing bio-waste aas well as other types of waste.

Kaido Kindel, project manager of E-Betoonelement: “We will deliver to the new biogass plant in Pori a total of three tanks,each 6 m high. We will produce a total of 65 elements for the tanks.

Project: Biogaasijaam – Pori, Luotsinmäki
Customer: Envor Pori OY
Contracting: full solution – design, elements, installation
Project Manager: Kaido Kindel
Delivery: March – April 2021

Porisse valmiv biogaasijaam hakkab kasutama parimat võimaliku tehnoloogiat biogaasi tootmiseks. See tähendab, et ära hoitakse kõikvõimalikud lõhnad ning muud negatiivsed keskkonnamõjud. Biojäätmed, millest gaasi valmistama hakatakse saadakse Pori veepuhastusjaama setetest ning muude biojäätmete töötlemisest. Aastas hakkab biogaasijaam tootma 20 GWh biogaasi.

The final biogas product will be used primarily by the biogas filling station being completed at the same time, as the number of cars using biogas is growing rapidly in the region. Should the biogas production exceed the demand of the filling station, the pressurized biogas can be supplied in containers to other filling stations, industries or fed to the national gas network.

The biogas plant will be completed in summer 2021.

More information available here.

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