CABRO ™ silos can now carry heavy machinery of up to 30 tons


The agricultural unit CABRO™ is building an Aconsilo™ silage storage facility at Vändra OÜ Sõõrikese farm in Pärnu County. This silo is larger and more spacious than ever, enabling to use heavy machinery of 30 tons to press the silage mass.

Kaido Kindel, CABRO™ project manager for Kaido Kindel: The soon to be completed Aconsilo™ storage at Sõõrikese farm will allow us to store more crops and forage for animals than our previous silos. Our standard silos have the construction that allows to use the equipment of up to 20 tons to press the silage, but now we have considered our customer’s special wishes and needs and built a silo at Sõõrikese farm where machinery of up to 30 tons can be used to make silage. In addition, the completed silo will also have higher-than-usual retaining wall elements with the height of up to 4 meters.”

E-Betoonelement's customers have preferred Aconsilo™ silos for decades because they are reliable and easy to build. The CABRO™ team organizes the production of silos from the preparation of working drawings to the entire required construction work – meaning, it’s a complete package. In addition, the silos are built with high-quality concrete, thus withstanding acidic silage juice. The product has all the necessary silage juice collection system, and in the future, silos based on the elemental solution can be easily expanded, if necessary

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