CABRO team set up fish farming containers in Finland


CABRO team in co-operation with sister companies Parma OY and Swetrak AS erected containers for Finnish fish farm OY FinnForel in Varkaus.

Object: OY FinnForel’s fish farming containers
Address: Varkaus, Soome
Customer: Parma OY
Contracting: design, elements, transport and assembly
Project manager: Kaido Kindel

Kaido Kindel (Project Manager of E-Betoonelement)“It was a fairly sizable contract. We installed seventeen 5.3 m tall containers for the fish farm, ten of which were nearly 560 m3 and seven of which nearly 260 m3 in size. The containers were installed in fairly tight conditions, which set certain restrictions on using equipment and assembling elements. Despite the tight schedule of the contract, assembly work went smoothly and the feedback from the customer was very positive.”

Acontank™ farm container comprises reinforced concrete modular wall elements. The manufacturing of these in the factory ensures the quality of elements, and the modular system ensures the operative assembly thereof at the site. The container is designed according to the customer’s specifications (required storage volume, usable operating technology) and in accordance with the conditions at the site (load bearing capacity and relief of the surface, level of soil water). More information here.

The container solution offered by the CABRO team includes a complete manufacturing cycle of the container from consultation and design to assembly and maintenance during the warranty period.

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