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Ehitaja magazine, Mariliis Pinn, June

Seventh Pöörise neighborhood high-rise building is already being built on the edge of Mustamäe and Õismäe. A total of ten neighborhoods with high-rise buildings will give so-called mountains a new and modern look. However, there are ten identical buildings - each tailored exactly to the needs of the customer. Buildings emerge from E-Betoonelement’s concrete elements - modern building solutions also make the production of elements quick and smooth.

The developer, the main contractor, TTP, and E-Betoonelement have constructed several buildings together before the construction of Pöörise. The manager of E-Betoonelement, Vaido Leosksaid that TTP already had a clear vision and an original architectural solution when they turned to them regarding the Pöörise neighborhood. "Cooperation with TTP works, we know each other's capabilities well," he added.

According to Leosk, good cooperation begins with the link between the developer and the architect. "Thus, all parties will have a clear overview of the possibilities of concrete elements, their good features and what can be achieved with them," Leosk adds.

He sees that as a producer of concrete slabs as a supplier of solutions, it is first important for them to advise clients who may not be fully aware of the construction of concrete elements, the possibilities of cnstruction from concrete, or the suitability of a particular project. The goal is to create a comfortable living environment where there is little concern and which delights people as efficiently as possible.

Apart from the production of concrete elements, the E-Betoonelement designs its own elements. "We know ourselves best of all about the peculiarities of our production and we can already count on them when designing," says Leosk.

"Before coming to the elemental manufacturer, the client should set out with the architect the initial vision: where, how large building and what he wants to build," he says. This way, the manufacturer can already offer more specific solutions, as there are many constraints inherent in real life, from land, needs, and opportunities.

Vaido Leosk, manager of AS E-Betoonelement

There is definitely a need for a layout, architectural sketch, cubature, measurements, planned heights, detailed plan conditions, etc. "This is the basis on which we can make a 3D sketch and offer," Leosk explains, how to start building concrete elements in the house design. When offering customer satisfaction, collaboration and project development in the BIM model starts. "As collaboration progresses, we can add a time dimension to this model and also specify the volumes of the building that come directly from the model," Leosk adds.

Seventh almost ready, three on the designer’s table

The manager of the Design Department at E-Betoonelement Jaanus Olop acknowledges that most work regarding the design has been finished, but three buildings still need to be constructed. "It's not really “cut and paste” type of design," confirming that each building needs special attention. "We've made some small changes in all projects."

For example, some places in the ventilation holes have been changed and, according to the wishes of the customer, the layouts of the apartments. "Building a residential quarter is a long project and the way the market dictates, so we have to tighten up the project. Whether to make a bigger or smaller apartment, "he explains.

The manager of the Design Department at E-Betoonelement Jaanus Olop hopes to make BIM 5D available to customers soon.

The customer also has orders to openings on the walls of commercial floors on the lower floors. "Then we will check the project to ensure that the load bearing capacity of the load-bearing structures remains adequate. Own-initiative large openings to a wall is not practical" says Olop

There's a lot of help with a decent 3D model and BIM design. Out-of-the-box projects are checked through modeling. "A good project is the basis, it is good to do work drawings of concrete elements and build," he says. You can add more than three dimensions to the BIM model, for example, a timeline that gives a precise idea of when to do something, what elements are already on the construction site and what's are on their way.

BIM is becoming basic

The use of BIM is becoming even more common in construction. "It is important to use new technological solutions to our advantage," says Jaanus Olop. Unfortunately, not all have recognized the benefits of BIM and there are architects and builders who need advice in this area. "Participating in seminars and trainings give ideas which help in starting it,” he sees that eventually all construction companies will use similar solutions.

According to Vaido Leosk, 3D models help avoid mistakes. "It's spatial to see how the nodes are in relation to each other. It can also be used for ventilation, electricity, water, heating and other special parts projects, "he adds.

According to Leosk, building information is increasingly moving between designers and builders of different parts of the building in the IFC format. This area is developing day by day. "Positive. In the future, I will not see another, "he says.

E-Betainelement has been using BIM and model design for almost 10 years. Experience has shown that it is easier to agree on solutions, achieve better results and meet deadlines. "We are hoping to make BIM 5D available to our customers soon. We use it inside our house, but we still offer information to our customers about it. There is a lot to learn. It may seem complicated, but every change is complicated, "Leosk adds, and explains that the calculation of the volumes of materials in the model still little used in Estonia. He also sees that the architect's vision is moving into virtual reality in the future, and suggests get help from people and model design.

Fantasy is endless

Jaanus Olop believes that the best solution happens in cooperation with the architect. “Wishes, solutions and ideas need to be negotiated," he suggests. “The human brain can come up with everything. Nowadays, only imagination and possibilities limit construction“ Olop confirms, but adds that customers often want to control costs, therefor a reasonable solution is needed. "A compromise needs to be set so that the project would be economically viable and retain an architectural vision," the man adds.

Also the ready ideas of Pöörise that came with had to be optimized for details. "Especially we saw a lot of trouble with the elements of balcony," Olop reminds. Namely, each penthouse apartment has a large balcony with a beautiful view. To allow them to be spacious and open, a console concrete solution that was attached to the ceiling had to be designed. "In the big picture, the elements of the Painter are simple. But there are always small points that determine the feasibility of the project, "he adds. Therefore, it places particular emphasis on designing joints, windows, doors and other fittings. For example, panels and their joints should be solved, given that the mounting is easy to install. In the case of high-rise buildings, the weight must also be taken into account, so that the lower floors of the building can wear the upper ones. Attention should be given to stiffness, otherwise the building will simply fall around. And fireproof.

Olop also points out that it is economically cheaper to design a building in such a way as to have as many similar elements as possible to produce as a series. "Everything can be casted, even with cherubim pillars. If they need a lot, it's already a serie. He does not 'crash the architects' wings here.

Pöörise is also designed to have as many serial elements as possible. "The production and installation are that way simpler," Olop adds.

Comment: Compact service with design
Herki Narusk, Construction Director of AS TTP

"I consider quality the most important. For the benefit of E-Betoonelement was the best price / quality ratio. We are associated with E-Betoonelement with a long-term cooperation and it has been very positive.

Mitmekorruseliste hoonete ehitamisel on olulised ehituse aeg ja kiirus - elementmaja saab kokku monteerida väga ruttu. Elementidel on teostatud välisviimistlus, mistõttu ei ole vaja hiljem tellinguid ja soojustust eraldi paigaldada ning paneelid on seest siledad ega nõua paksu krohvikihti.

Tellija jaoks on parim variant kompleksteenuse kasutamine, kus pakutakse projekteerimist, elemenditootmist ja paigaldust."

Comment: Concrete - a decent choice
Architect of Nord Projekt AS Andres Kariste

"The story of a Pöörise residential area goes ten years back. Nord Project has had previous long-term cooperation with TTP, after designing a residential quarter for Andrekse Road and apartment buildings on Lehik´s road. There was also an apartment building area in Concrete blocks on Padriku Road. Inspired by their success, cooperation with architect Meeli Truu continued to be planned for the 16-storey residential building. The layout of the detailed plan and the architectural solutions of the buildings have been born with her. Sadly, her lifetime ending was a challenge for her younger colleagues in implementing the project started.

The choice of a three-layer reinforced concrete panel was due to fire safety requirements for high-rise buildings both for the maintenance of the structure and for the reaction to the internal and external surfaces. Not less important is the dignified temporal survival of the material in the external environment. To the developer was equally important the highest quality of the construction regardless of the assembling period encounting for different seasons.

BIM-i projekteerides minimaliseeritakse projekteerimisvead, saavutatakse monteerimistäpsus ja saab minimaliseerida erinevate kommunikatsioonide kulgemisel ja ristumistel tekkivat ruumikadu. Läbiviikude kohad saab eelnevalt paneelidesse rajada. See on kasvav trend ja ka juba tellijate poolt nõutav, nende võimekus projekti lugeda ja kontrollida. Ilmselgelt muutub see lähiaegadel projekteerimises standardiks."

Pöörise residential quarter, E-Betoonelement

Pöörise neighborhood

Pöörise is a completely new living environment, which was built from scratch. In the past, warehouses and parking lots were situated in that area. The neighborhood includes playgrounds, landscaping and a parking garage. In total, there are ten 12- and 14-storey buildings in the neighborhood with commercial floors on the lower stages and one-to-four-storey apartments.

Everyone finds something from Pöörise. Families with children have the advantage of nearby schools, kindergartens and playgrounds. There is also a nearby Tallinn Zoo and many eateries where you can spend time with family and friends - Rucola, Umami Resto and Café Lyon are just a few examples of them.

People who like sports, there are the nature trails, parks and health centers close to the Pöörise residential area, offering plenty of leisure opportunities.

An inspiration for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia was the construction of a square with a sculptural composition of the Pöörise residential area, commissioned by architect Raiko Reinson.

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