AS E-Betoonelement designs, delivers and assembles elements of Eesti Pandipakend OÜ


Site: Production and office building of Eesti Pandipakend OÜ
Address: Visase 18, Tallinn
Architect: Reet Valk
Customer: Eesti Pandipakend OÜ
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements, transport and assembly
Sales Engineer: Tõnu Ernits
Project Manager: Tõnu Ernits

Tõnu Ernits, the Sales Engineer and the Project Manager of AS E-Betoonelement: „Packaging recycling is beneficial to the environment and it is good to perform the activity in the spacious fireproof and burglar resistant building of good indoor climate conditions. I am grateful to the customer and other parties for a collaboration and good decisions at the early phase of the project.“

Production and office building of Eesti Pandipakend OÜ is designed as two rectangular buildings. The larger rectangular part is the one-storey production building performed as E-Betoonelement Basic Hall™ building. The Basic Hall™ solution has many advantages like simple structure, short construction period, easy to extend etc. Additional information: The smaller rectangular part is the office that has partly two and partly three storeys, technical rooms are located on the third floor, the area not covered by the technical rooms stays as two storeys building with a terrace on it.

Eesti Pandipakend is the package recovery organisation, established in 2005 by the manufacturers and importers and merchants on the basis of the Packaging Act. The task of the organisation is to manage and organise collecting, transportation, sorting, counting and the recovery of deposit charged packaging all over Estonia.

AS E-Betoonelement will deliver the elements of Basic Hall™ (beams, columns and STT-slabs) and wall elements, partition walls, hollow-core slabs and stairs for the office building.

AS E-Betoonelement has started the design and manufacturing of elements, the delivery takes part from the mid-September to mid-October, when the assembly works will be completed too.

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