AS E-Betoonelement assembles the third production and warehouse building of Metaprint AS


E-Betoonelement has concluded the contract with MP Majad OÜ on the design, manufacturing and the assembly of elements for the production and warehouse building of a branch of Metaprint AS.

Site: Production and warehouse building of a branch of Metaprint AS
Address: Betooni 2, Pärnu
Architect: KAMP Arhitektid OÜ, Kaspar Kuuse
Customer: MP Majad OÜ
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements, transport and assembly
Project Manager: Priit Kärner

Metaprint AS is a significant customer for AS E-Betoonelement who has expanded at a rate of one production building, made of our elements, in a year since 2010. This production and warehouse building in Pärnu is equal to the capacity of two buildings built in Tallinn. The attractive facade and colour solutions of the architect, to be performed after the assembly of the building, are similar to previous ones. I hope for favourable autumn winds in Pärnu to ensure that we manage to complete the delivery and assembly of the elements in time. That might be a reason to continue this tradition with us in coming years“, commented Priit Kärner, the Manager of the Assembly Department.

The building of Metaprint AS is based on Basehall™ solution for which columns, beams and STT-slabs are delivered by E-Betoonelement. The three-layer wall elements, partition walls, hollow-core slabs and stairs are delivered for the office building of Basehall™. The contracting of E-Betoonelement will be completed in December of this year; the building will be completed finally in 2013.

The main activity of AS Metaprint is the production of aerosol packaging and its components.

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