A modular office and warehouse building to be built at Läike tee in Rae municipality


E-Betoonelement and Kruuson Kaubandus signed a cooperation agreement on E-Betoonelement to manufacture, deliver and install a building solution made of concrete elements for the office and warehouse building at Läike tee.

Project: office and warehouse/production building
Address: Läike tee 42, Rae municipality, Harju county
E-Betoonelement's contract: preparation of product drawings of hollow panels and beams, manufacture, delivery and installation of elements, foundation
Elements: hollow core slabs, interior and exterior wall elements, columns, beams, stairs
Delivery time: June - July 2023
Sales and Project Manager: Kaido Kindel

E-Betoonelement's Sales and Project Manager Kaido Kindel: "E-Betoonelement's contract includes the manufacture, delivery, installation of the reinforced concrete elements, as well as foundation works of the building at Läike tee 42. For the project, we will manufacture hollow panels of different heights, internal wall elements and sandwich elements for external walls, as well as columns, beams and stair elements. We will also prepare product drawings for hollow panels and prestressed beams.

The expected duration of the delivery of the building elements and the installation work is approximately six weeks, and it should be carried out from mid-June to the end of July. The finishing of the building's wall elements includes the manufacture of grey moulded surfaces for single-layer walls, and the exterior walls will receive a rust-coloured finishing."

The new office and warehouse building at Läike tee brings additional business space to Rae municipality and offers opportunities for companies that need high-quality and functional business premises. The building is to be completed in the spring of 2024.

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