E-Betoonelement is looking for additional members to join its team. We have available several positions for people with specialized knowledge and skills. This could be your opportunity for self-fulfilment, obtaining experience and contributing to building a better living environment!

We are an international company, part of Consolis SAS, a group that joins European leading precast concrete element manufacturers. The team of E-Betoonelement contributes daily to bring to you the best solutions - we work closely with the masters of their trade to offer the best construction solutions for the future and to create permanent value for the customer who appreciates quality.

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We are now looking for:



DATA ENTRY OPERATOR-ADMINISTRATOR whose task would be entering data from the product drawings to the programme and managing the documents of the factory team.

segusõlme operaatorSegusõlme operaator


CONCRETE MIXING UNIT OPERATOR, whose main tasks involve preparing concrete mixes based on the given recipes, filling the intermediary hoppers with given materials, checking the technical status of the production equipment of the mixing unit an entering reports to the company’s information system.


Technical Designer


BUILDING CONSTRUCTION DESIGNER,whose main tasks include developing technical solutions based on the initial task, doing statics and strength calculations, creating and checking work projects and product drawings.

If you interested, contact us: Marge Junkur, here.

Huvi korral võta meiega ühendust: Marge Junkur, marge.junkur@betoonelement.ee

See also an introductory video about Consolis: https://youtu.be/VKHDClG09-M