Full Baltics first degement-tunnel


In Estonia and in the Baltics, the segmental tunnel solution was first used for the construction of a light traffic tunnel in Lilleküla. The new solution allows for faster construction.

„This solution is the first of its kind in Estonia and overall in the Baltics. The main advantages of the solution are the speed of construction and immediate bearing strength of the underpass that enables to diminish traffic obstructions or diversion. Manufacturing elements at the factory avoids dependence on weather conditions and ensures clean and safe site,“ commented Kairet Luiga, the Manager of Infrastructure Products.

Due to the four railway tracks above the tunnel, it was important to carry out the installation of the tunnel as soon as possible in order to minimize rail traffic disturbance. Therefore, the construction of the tunnel in the area of the tracks was divided into two stages, of which the construction of both stages came from zero until train operation was restarted within 42 hours.

The tunnel body consists of segments that were essentially short tunnel jumps and were put together in an object one after the other and then tied up.

Lilleküla's light traffic tunnel is located in Kristiine district, at the Lilleküla railway stop, connecting Tehnika and Kotkapoja Street.

AS E-Betoonelement belongs to Consolis SAS, the largest producer of reinforced concrete in Europe, with over 100 factories in 25 countries. The company designs, manufactures and installs reinforced concrete elements. Estonia has been operating for 20 years and employs 250 people.

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