Elements for the apartment building at Uus-Sadama St 11 delivered by E-Betoonelement


E-Betoonelement is manufacturing elements for the development of the apartment building at Uus-Sadama St 11, which will be completed in cooperation with Fund Ehitus.

Project: Uus-Sadama 11, apartment building with commercial premises
Customer: Fund Ehitus
Architect: QP Arhitektid
Services: manufacture and transport of reinforced concrete elements
List of products: hollow core panels, posts, beams and wall elements
Project Manager at E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher

Photo: QP Arhitektid

E-Betoonelement’s project manager Toomas Böttcher: “In addition to residential premises, commercial premises are also planned for the apartment building to be built at Uus-Sadama Street. Commercial premises situated on the ground floor will have a unique exterior finishing thanks to the Reckli’s surface pattern form liners.”

The building has been designed as a cuboid with clear forms, which is characteristic of apartment buildings in the vicinity of the area and blends into the urban space. The building is designed to have six aboveground storeys and one underground storey. Commercial premises and an open parking lot are situated on the ground floor. The higher floors of the building house apartments. The apartments are designed to have large balconies on the side of the building towards the courtyard and smaller balconies/loggias on the side towards the street, based on the principle that each apartment should have a separate outdoor area.

E-Betoonelement’s deliveries commence in June and will take place until the start of September of this year.

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