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Buildings are rising around us every day, we can see it and feel it. The question is, how is it done and which value is given to us?
“Buildings look like their builders – it all begins with an idea, but an idea only is not enough. You need executors, a team to execute the idea – only good cooperation can create a functional whole. We do not care for houses only, but houses that are good to stay in and look at and that would serve the goals set,” says Aare Pärna, Sales Director at E-Betoonelement. “Concrete allows us to be the best as the shaping of this gratifying material by using modern know-how and technologies helps us create a better living environment around us.”

AS E-Betoonelement
Building envelope from design to installation
Parent company: Consolis SAS, 10,000 employees in 30 countries, turnover 1.3 billion euros (in 2015)

A material with its own character

The argument that concrete is nothing but a boring grey wall does not hold water anymore. Concrete allows carrying out high-flying ideas – it can be designed so that it functions as an interior design element, or as a building solution that is a great fit for the environment. Concrete can be covered with natural stone, ceramic tiles or bricks. Concrete can be stained or painted pictures on. E-Betoonelement is dedicated to the production of original and durable concrete.

BIM-in the construction of buildings - comprehensive, informative, cost-effective

“The future is here, self-thinking houses are a reality – checking, managing, ordering, etc. But the story begins a lot earlier, not when the house is already complete. The story begins with an idea and the transfer of it to a hard drive,” says Pärna.
Nowadays, buildings are first completed in a computer where a model representing the reality is prepared – BIM. This allows everyone seeing the model of the building to get prompt information about it. To see the building as a whole – joints, elements with a complex shape carried out comprehensibly, location of special parts, matching of architecture, etc., planning of reorganisations for the completed building in a later stage.

Building envelope – completed on the go

The advantages of installing precast element solutions are speed of work and low dependency on the weather. A 2,000 sq m envelope of a production building, for example, is erected in 3–4 weeks – buildings of elements precast in the factory are completed like Lego houses, so that the elements are lifted from the truck straight to the final location of the building.

It’s the result that counts

“Time and quality are important for all of us – to do things well, care about the result and create lasting values – these are the criteria that the current element industry can meet,” says Pärna, promoting trust in the team experienced in the field.

AS E-Betoonelement, which is providing concrete solutions for the domestic market, has been in business for nearly 25 years now.

AS E-Betoonelement is part of Consolis SAS, a group that joins European leading precast concrete element manufacturers. The group’s 100 years of experience and cooperation allow offering modern and high-quality results. E-Betoonelement is focused on the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete elements.

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