13 buildings compete at the Concrete Building of the Year competition


Eesti Betooniühingu ja Eesti Ehitusmaterjalide Liidu poolt väljakuulutatud konkursile "Aasta betoonehitis 2014" kandideerib 13 ehitist.

Kalle Suitslepp, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Company, said: "This year's concrete buildings competition there will be very different buildings, showing clearly the various possibilities of using concrete as one of the most important building materials."

Applicants for the concrete building of the year 2014 are:

  1. Dirham small craft production and maintenance base, guest house and fishing industry production facility– Dirham, Läänemaa county;
  2. The building of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Beijing – Beijing, China;
  3. Jõestepõllu trout farm– Rutikvere village, Koigi municipality, Järvamaa county;
  4. Kiisa Emergency Power Plant – Kiisa, Saku municipality, Harjumaa county;
  5. Apartment building in Pirita – Pirita road 26, Tallinn;
  6. Apartment buildings at Kosemetsa Street – Valukoja 4c, Tallinn;
  7. Parking garage in Ülemiste City– Valukoja 4c, Tallinn;
  8. Physicum, the building of Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu– Ravila 14c, Tartu;
  9. Tallinna Päästedepoo ja Häirekeskuse hoone -Osmussaare tee2 Tallinn;
  10. Tondiraba Ice Hall– Varraku 14, Tallinn;
  11. The new cruise quay at the Old City Harbour– Tallinna sadam, Tallinn;
  12. Stable-coach house at the Vääna Manor – Vääna, Harku municipality, Harjumaa county;
  13. Expansion of Ülemiste Shopping Centre – Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn

The object or procedure wins, where a significant contribution has been made by the work of registered enterprisers in Estonia and concrete materials delivered from Estonia. The choice of winning will also take into account the professionalism and demanding, quality and innovativeness of the design and construction of the site.

The main prize belongs to the author of the winning idea. The contracting entity, the designer, the builder, the concrete and the formwork supplier will be noticed. The winner will be announced on the Concrete Day in March 2015.

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