Concrete building of the year is Tondiraba Icehall


The Estonian Concrete Association today announced the winners of the "Concrete Building 2014" contest at the Tallinn Zoo Center of Environmental Education at today's concrete day.

Concrete building of the year 2014 was announced Tondiraba Ice Hall, which was awarded the main prize to the architectural firm Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ.
Winning job was smooth, constructive cooperation, resulting in the construction of an architecturally simple, aesthetic, and constructionally complex building where concrete was widely used.
"Esteetiliselt nauditav, ehitustehniliselt keerukas multifunktsionaalsete kasutusvõimalustega spordihall, mis eristub teiste põhjamaiste jäähallide seast just suurema läbidisainituse poolest,” märkis žürii.
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana, noted that concrete was used in a variety of ways for this building, as well as the excellent quality of concrete work and the use of concrete and wooden materials in this building have been particularly successful.

Awards related to Concrete building of the year:

  • Customer’s prize – Tallinn Sports and Youth Department
  • Constructor’s prize – Civen OÜ, Novarc Group AS
  • Construction and Concrete Works – Merko Ehitus Eesti AS;
  • Concrete award– E-Betoonelement AS, Rudus AS, HC Betoon AS;
  • Formwork prize – Peri AS

The "Concrete building of the year", organized for the fifteenth time this year, has been launched in order to introduce the wide range of concrete applications to the public and recognize those people who have used domestic construction material - the possibility of thick and well-formed concrete for the implementation of their ideas.
This year 13 works were received. The competition was for the submission of concrete constructions delivered to the contracting authority in 2014 and the constructions and procedures used therein.
The "Concrete Concrete Year 2014" jury included representatives from the Estonian Construction Association: Estonian Concrete Association - Johannes Pello, Estonian Association of Architects - Kalle Vellevoog, Estonian Construction Entrepreneurs Association - Indrek Peterson, Estonian Construction Engineers Association - Heiki Meos, Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association - Enno Rebane, Estonian Project Offices Union - Andres Saar, Aadu Kana, chairman of the jury, as well as representatives of construction journalists - Eva Kiisler from the magazine "Ehitaja" and the Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto from the magazine Betoni.

  • Arhitektuuri eriauhind - Arhitektuuribüroo Studio-3 OÜ-le Eesti Vabariigi Suursaatkonna hoone eest, Pekingis, Hiina RVs.

Comment by the jury: "The architects of the building saw even more effective and effective concrete use, but the local builders did not come up with real wishes.

  • Eriauhind arhitektuurile ja ehitajale - Parkimismaja Ülemiste Citys, Valukoja 4C.
  • Architecture: Novarc Group AS, Ilmar Klammer; Builder: Nordecon Betoon OÜ
    Builder: Nordecon Betoon OÜ

Comment by the jury: "In the 1950s bricks, a concrete parking garage is poured into the factory building, the brick surface is covered with concrete from the inside.

  • Special award for the customer: Lauri Tuulberg - flat in Tallinn, Kosemetsa tee 11.

Commentary by the chairman of the jury Aadu Kana: "If the concrete of the three apartment buildings of Kosemetsa does not get out of the way in general, the apartment is extremely concrete-friendly.

  • Ajakirja “Ehitaja” eriauhind - TMB Element OÜ, Tartu Ülikooli Physicumi hoone kvaliteetsed betoonelemendid.

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