Jaanus Olop

Jaanus Olop is the new Chairman of the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers


aanus Olop, Head of the Design Department of AS E-Betoonelement, has been chosen as the new Chairman of Board and Council of the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers (EEL).

Jaanus Olop has graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Tallinn University of Technology and his area of specialisation is industrial and civil engineering.

The EEL participates in the designing of research and education policy in the Estonian construction sector, as well as in the development of construction legislation, norms and standards. In order to develop the professional skills of civil engineers, EEL will provide advanced training courses for specialists in construction. The EEL is the organization representing the construction industry in its interaction with other organizations active in the field of construction in Estonia and outside Estonia. The EEL has good cooperation with civil engineers' associations of Finland (RIL), Latvia (LACE) and Lithuania (LSIS).

Estonian Association of Civil Engineers is a voluntary civil engineering association in the Republic of Estonia, which in addition to individual members has included collective members such as the Estonian Association of Water Supply and Wastewater Engineers, the Estonian Heating and Ventilation Engineering Association, the Estonian Geotechnical Society and the Estonian Association of Water Engineers.

According to the rotation principle of the umbrella organisation, the European Council of Civil Engineers, the Chairman is appointed for two years, after which he/she will continue as a Member of Board.

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