Concrete Association of Estonia has a new chairman – Tiit Roots


The board of the Concrete Association of Estonia has elected Tiit Roots, the project manager of AS Peri, as the new chairman of the board. The former chairman Kalle Suitslepp led the Concrete Association of Estonia for two years, from 2014 to 2016.

“Over the years, the Concrete Association of Estonia has become a visible, well-functioning organisation. We have tried to include as many people and companies operating in the sector as possible in our professional activity,” said Kalle Suitslepp, the former chairman of the board of the Concrete Association of Estonia. “Electing a new chairman is sure to encourage integrating new ideas and keeps the management fresh,” Suitslepp added.

According to Suitslepp, over the years, a strong basis has been established for a system of professional in-service training, incl. issuing instruction manuals related to concrete.

Tiit Roots: “I would like to thank the former chairman of the board Kalle Suitslepp for his successful and comprehensive management! I am delighted that he will continue on in the board, which will ensure the continuous management of the Association. We will try to increase the popularity of concrete as the most important contemporary construction material even further.”

The Concrete Association of Estonia re-elected its former eight-member board on the ordinary annual meeting that took place on 18 February:

  • Imre Leetma, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement;
  • Vaido Leosk, AS E-Betoonelement;
  • Heiki Meos, OÜ EstKONSULT;
  • Johannes Pello, Tallinna Tehnikaülikool;
  • Kalev Ramjalg;
  • Tiit Roots, AS Peri;
  • Risto Sappinen, AS Merko Ehitus Eesti;
  • Kalle Suitslepp, AS Betoonimeister.

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