Elements of Kaagvere specialised school have been assembled

  • Object: Kaagvere specialised school complex – main building, family house and six group homes
  • Address: Kaagvere, Tartu County
  • Architects: Esplan OÜ
  • Customer: YIT Ehitus AS
  • Contract for services by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements and installation
  • Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

AS E-Betoonelement’s works at the construction of Kaagvere specialised school have been completed. The contracting comprised the design, manufacture, transport and assembly of the main building, family house and six group homes of the specialised school.

“This project was a full contracting of element solution, which meant that E-Betoonelement had the opportunity to optimise the solution of the entire building complex from the drawings to the assembly on element basis. At the design stage, we prepared a 3D model of the planned building using the Tekla BIM software, which enabled working from one platform throughout. The model was complemented step-by-step according to the current project stage all the way to completion. Such approach helped to significantly save time and prevent mistakes, because the comprehensiveness of the model allows to quickly model, consider and compare different alternatives and to also test out the course of the supply chain. The main contractor YIT Ehitus was thoroughly satisfied with E-Betoonelement, because it didn’t have to separately deal with the design, manufacturing and assembly.

The company was also satisfied with the quality of elements, as there were no significant colour differences on the surfaces of the patented rust colour.

Special praise was given to E-Betoonelement’s assembly team headed by Marko Haabjärv and Raigo Grünthal.Similarly to E-Betoonelement, the main contractor YIT Ehitus pays close attention to occupational safety, and construction objects have similar requirements for safety equipment, e.g. helmet with a fastening strap, safety goggles, safety boots, etc. In addition to excellent and skilful assembly work, continuous use of safety equipment by the assembly team, which was an example set for all other contractors, also got a mention,” said Toomas Böttcher.

Elements of the exterior facade of the school have been treated with a ferrous sulphate solution in order to achieve a rust colour on the buildings.

View of the building complex of Kaagvere specialised school

Kaagvere specialised school is set to open for studies in the autumn of this year.

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