Commercial Building in Töökoja Street—Successful Collaboration between Sister Companies


In the collaboration between AS E-Betoonelement and the sister companies of the enterprise, CES AS and Swetrak AS, a new commercial building was built in 2019 at the address of Töökoja 3, Tallinn. The main contractor was Merko Ehitus Eesti AS.

Project: Töökoja 3 Commercial Building
Address: Töökoja 3, Tallinn
Customer: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Architect: Sirkel & Mall OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow panels, joists, posts, SW-walls, partition walls and staircases, HTT panels
Sales Engineer: Martin-Sven Käärid
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

The commercial building in question is an excellent example of a successful collaboration between sister companies E-Betoonelement, CES, and Swetrak. Planning was the responsibility of CES, which also collaborates in the construction of the SG commercial building at Pärnu maantee in Tallinn. Setrak was responsible for the exterior walls, which have a TiO2 addition on the building, making the surfaces really gleaming when the sun shines.

The advantages of concrete elements with titanium oxide are their better resistance to weather conditions, the self-cleaning ability of the concrete surface, and its brighter and lighter look. Moreover, it has been shown that such a concrete surface fixes nitrogen compounds and thus cleans the environment. TiO2 itself is, as a fine powder, a bright white, persistent, and fixed substance, which is mainly used as a pigment in paints and paper.

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