The team of Cabro will be at the Sarka Fair on February 1-2.


The unit of agricultural products of E-Betoonelement, CABRO™ participates at the Finnish farmers’ fair Sarka 2019 on February 1-2.

The Cabro™ team from E-Betoonelement will introduce the tank solution ACONTANK™ at the fair.

The farm tanks of Acontank™ consist of modular wall elements made of reinforced concrete. Their manufacture in a factory guarantees the quality of the elements, and the modular system ensures their operative installation at the working area. The tanks are planned according to the needs of a client (the necessary storage volume and applied handling technology), taking the local conditions into account (the bearing capacity and the relief of soil; level of soil water). A team of Estonian professionals with Swedish training and years of experience in the building of tanks is responsible for the execution of the construction works. The tanks have a 5-year warranty. The price of the tanks is calculated according to the needs of the client and the specifics of the project. You can find further information about the tanks here: Solutions

Representatives of agriculture, energy, forestry, and farming participate in the fair.

More about the Sarka Fair here:

The fair is open
Friday 9:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-16:00

See you at the fair!

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