The newly built St. John's School opened its doors on the first day of the month of wisdom


In the hustle and bustle of Tallinn, you can still find a peaceful place surrounded by the nature - a newly built community school, St. John's School. A lovely school building sits in Nõmme at Kivimäe under the pines; it was completed thanks to the excellent cooperation between the school family, the architect, the designer, the customer and the manufacturers.

Project: St. John's School
Location: Kivimäe 25, Nõmme district, Tallinn
Custonmer of E-Betoonelement: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Architect: SKAD Arhitektid
Contract: design (in cooperation with sister company CES), manufacture and transport of elements
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, bell tower elements, single- and three-layer wall elements, posts, beams, flight marches and landings, arch lintels
Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Kaido Kindel
Product drawings of elements CES OÜ: Virve and Alar Käes
Delivery: end of 2021 and beginning of 2022

Alar Käes, engineer of E-Betoonelement's sister company CES: "The St. John's School building is an excellent example of a successful project. The school family wanted to build their own "home" where they could stay permanently and offer their children a high quality education while valuing the learning environment. In three years, the idea was put into practice - the architectural solution of the school building was created by SKAD Architects, who fitted a light-filled, cosy and educationally supportive school building under the towering pines of Nõmme district. We at CES helped take care of getting the idea unto the paper and production, and the elements were produced in Consolis' factories in Estonia and Latvia. The elements with specific shape were produced with high quality and according to the customer's expectations while sticking to the tight schedule. Our long-time cooperation partner Meelis Mõisja, from Merko Ehitus Eesti AS, took care of the timely completion of the construction works of the school. It was a complex project in terms of the solution, and so much of what was originally planned had to be reviewed to make everything really fit together. It was a project where everyone contributed a little more rather than less, and this makes us happy."

Kaido Kindel (Project Manager of E-Betoonelement): "There is just a little bit of concrete in the building of St. John School, but this little bit there deserves to be noted and praised. A unique concrete bell tower, which works in symbiosis with wood, creates a complete solution well suited to the peaceful environment of Nõmme district. The finished bell tower required a lot of experience from the designers of our sister company CES, so that the idea could actually become a finished product. And to the credit of the factory, I can say that I was particularly pleased with the quality of the surfaces of the bell tower, as the surfaces get the most attention being the most prominent part of the school building. I believe that the completion of St. John's School building was a success due to the good cooperation and communication between all the parties of the project. The designers, those pouring the concrete elements in the factory, as well as the project managers faced diferent challenges - the schedule was tight and the elements were complicated, but overall, everything went smoothly."

St. John's School is a private primary school in Tallinn that first opened its doors in 2013. About 460 children in grades I-X study in the school. St. John's School combines timeless and modern, Christian values and a modern approach to learning.

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