Apartment buildings with brick surface finish will be completed at Tartu Road


E-Betoonelement concluded cooperation agreement with Merko Ehitus Eesti AS for design, production and supply of elements for apartment buildings located at Tartu Road 52D and Lastekodu 23.

Tartu road 52D ja Lastekodu St. 23 elements

Design project: Apartment buildings
Address: Tartu Road 52D and Lastekodu St. 23
Client: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Services: design, manufacture and transport of reinforced concrete elements
Product nomenclature: Hollow core slabs, columns, beams, inner and outer wall elements, and stairs
E-Betoonelement sales and project manager: Tõnu Ernits

Apartment buildings constructed near Tartu Road will be original with their external finish, due to brick surfaces, which will cover triple-layer reinforced concrete elements of the buildings. Such surface finish is well suitable for urban environment and is timeless.

„To achieve brick surface, we place screen net and form fabric to the bottom of mould upon casting of elements, and 20 mm thick brick plates on the top. This is a job requiring accuracy and time, but the result speaks for itself,“ the sales and project manager of E-Betoonelement Tõnu Ernits described the production process of brick surface of the buildings.

Characteristic features of the contemporary apartment buildings based on element solution are fast construction time, high sound and noise resistance, energy efficiency, durability (low maintenance need), security and beautiful architecture.

Read more about the new residential quarter here.

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