Soodla bridge renovation


Newspaper Teeleht No. 3-4 (63,64) December 2010

Newspaper Teeleht No. 3-4 (63,64) December 2010 The Soodla Bridge is located on the side road No 11105 in the Harju county, Anija rural municipality, on the Kiiu-Soodla road at Soodla river, km 9,122. The old bridge was built in 1953 as a monolithic reinforced concrete beam-bridge.
During the renovation it was planned to bring the bridge gauge to 8.7 meters. The entire superstructure of the bridge was removed.
In the preliminary project, the deck was designed from monolithic concrete. For three main reasons, the general contractor decided to build the deck for a partially assembled composite structure.
Metal beams supplied by OÜ Monik, prefabricated reinforced concrete deckplates were designed by AS E-Betoonelemendi, Merko Ehituse AS and OÜ EstKONSULT cooperation.
The construction of the deck structure remained in the winter, making the use of the prefabricated reinforced concrete element solution to allow the plate casting to be moved to the factory interior.
Preparatory work was started on the site in January 2010. Monolithic steel casting formwork was installed on April 19.
Reinforced concrete deckplates were manufactured in the Tamsalu factory by AS E-Betoonelement within one month.
In the case of finishing, the smooth surface of the mold remained flat from the bottom of the deck plates.
The significance of this project was the precision of the dimensions of deck panel elements, where tile tolerance was strictly controlled.
It is good to have a realistic project confirming that it is possible to make large-sized and precisely demanding elements for infrastructure facilities in the prefabricated reinforced concrete.

Kairet Luiga
Infrastructure products manager of AS E-Betoonelement

Vello Vares, AS Merko Ehitus Site Manager:
"The advantage of a assembled deck should be clearly highlighted in the event that the need for work under the bridge is completely eliminated.

Sirje Pilt, OÜ Langeproon Inseneriehitus CEO:
"Hydraulically isolated bridge deck was used by the cold-assembled system Servidek / Servipak GRACE Construction Products Ltd. (Road Technical Specification System No. 3). One of the advantages of this system is speed. It is not necessary to wait for 28 days for monolithic hardening.

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